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how do you delete yahoo account from my phone

Release time:2018-11-26
How to Delete Yahoo Email

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Your Yahoo account info was definitely hacked -

Leer en españolYour Yahoo account info was definitely hacked -- here's what to doIf you're wondering what to do after hearing about the massive data breach, follow these steps to make sure you're safe.

구글 계정/지메일 계정 삭제하는 방법

이미 로그인이 되어 있지 않은 경우에는 로그인을 클릭한다. 우측상단에 있다. 로그인이 되어 있는 경우에는 삭제하고자 하는 계정에 로그인했는지 재차 확인한다.로그인하면 우측상단에 구글 계정 프로필 사진이 보일 것이다. 클릭해서 현재 로그인된 계정이 어느 것인지 확인한다. 엉뚱한 계정에 로그인되었다면 메뉴에서 “로그아웃”을 클릭한 다음 삭제하고자 하는 계정에 로그인한다.

How to delete my Mi (Xiaomi) account?

How to delete my Mi (Xiaomi) account?

If you want to stop using the website, a technology website of the Xiaomi company that’s all about phones, pads and tv, I can imagine that you also want to remove your Mi account. If that’s the case, we’re here to help and facilitate that process for you. All it takes to remove your profile, is using the special removal link below. 1  Go to sign in 2  The Delete account will pop-up right after the loginbut before you hit this button, you need to: Be aware of the fact that you’re about to lose all data (incl. order history, Mi cloud data, Mi talk data, etc.)Mark the checkbox of “Yes, I want to permanently delete my Mi account” 3  Send the verification emailIt’s for the security of your own account that they ask you to hit this button. 4  Copy and paste the verification code you’ve receivedand submit the code. 5  Confirm that you want to close the account V  ResultA message will appear: Mi account removed successfully. Your profile is now closed. ?  Source of this informationA helpful visitor emailed us these steps, as they were handed to him by the Xiaomi customer service (see screenshot below). So many thanks to them for this information. *Source (& thanks to):

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store - Find a Microsoft Store Near You

Fast, easy, and freeFree delivery, or free in-store pickup? The choice is yours at Microsoft Store. Buy the products you want online, then pick them up at a Microsoft Store location. Add items to your cart, and at checkout, choose delivery or in-store pickup. It’s that easy.

How to delete your Yahoo account and move to Gmail

Leer en españolHere's how to protect your Yahoo account from hackersYahoo's 3 billions accounts were hacked. Instead of deleting your account, it's better to mothball it and move to another email service like Gmail.

How do I get into my Hotmail/ account if I don't have the recovery phone or email any more?

How do I get into my Hotmail/ account if I don’t have the recovery phone or email any more?If you don't have access to your account recovery phone number or alternate email address, there is a process you can go through to regain access to your account - maybe. //I’ve forgotten my Hotmail password, and I no longer have access to the phone number I set up on the account when I created it years ago. What do I do?I’ve received many variations of this question in recent weeks. In particular it appears that when you’re traveling to different countries, Microsoft is now often requiring that even when you know your password you also must be able to provide a code that is sent to your phone or an alternate email address associated with the account. I cannot stress this enough: it is critical that you keep your recovery information up to date. Not doing so is, by far, the fastest way to lose access to your accountforever should something go wrong. It’s also a way to end up unable to access your account until you return home after traveling. While many feel that the approach is somewhat ham>strong<Ham>/strong<, in the context of computing, is simply a colloquial term for email that is legitimate email – in other words, >em<not>/em<spam. Many spam filters, either internally, in documentation, or occasionally in user interfaces, actually use the term as a shorthand for “legitimate email”.
In Leo’s world, ham can also refer to a licensed amateur radio operator, or a savory meat." <ham-handed on Microsoft’s part, the reality is they’re fighting an incredibly difficult problem: account theft. I’ll review the steps I believe you’ll need to take, and explain why this is happening.

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