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Release time:2019-03-13

Company OverviewFor four generations, and almost 100 years the Butterfield family has been fortunate to work with world leaders in the food industry. This supplier relationship has enabled the Company to fulfill the demands of local stores, restaurants, hospitals and hotels. Essentially, wherever food and food related products are required Butterfield & Vallis can provide customers with their needs.

Search - Butterfield Group

Search - Butterfield Group

Trust & Fiduciary ServicesIndependence with institutional strengthWhen it comes to fiduciary services, you need to have both trust in your provider and absolute confidence in the expertise they provide.  At Butterfield, trust is a hallmark of the relationships we have with clients, earned through excellence in customer service delivered by a team with a depth of experience in a variety of disciplines and fiduciary structures.   We provide tailored fiduciary solutions to clients wishing to achieve a variety of objectives including:   succession planningasset protectiontax planningemployee benefit trustsinternational retirement plans Asset holding structures include:   protected and incorporated cell companiesproperty and investment holding companieslimited partnershipsprivate trust companies  Meet the Team  To discuss your individual requirements contact:Paul Hodgson, Managing Director Direct Line: + 44 (0) 1481 739145 E-mail:   Guy Quigley, Head of Business Development Direct Line: + 44 (0) 1481 739162 E-mail:   

H Butterfield

H Butterfield

100 Years of Trading As a Luton based, family run, independent Builders Merchant, we have been trading for 100 years, the last 40 of which has been from our site in Selbourne Road. We have a flexible and personal approach to all of our customers, both trade and retail, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide the complete building supplies package. Through our staff, we are able to provide many years of building industry experience, knowledge and expertise to help ensure you get a level of service that matches your expectations. We hope our website gives you an insight into our business, our specialist departments and the range of products and services we can supply on both a local and national level. We look forward to assisting you with your enquiries.


  Serving Our Clients' Wealth Accumulation & Preservation Needs for 40 years!   Re-Direct Financial Services specializes in giving our clients the personal attention they crave.  Our independence allows us to meet their ever-changing investment and insurance needs with some of the best product & service alternatives available.  We have several Certified Financial Planner (CFP) practitioners on staff and strive to provide a superior level of tax & financial advice to our clients.   For 40 years, Re-Direct Financial Services representatives have continued to help their clients with both "Fixed"# and "Investment"* based products & services.   Helping to strike a balance of both to provide optimal long-term growth and income as well as a potential legacy for your heirs.   If needed, Lifetime Income options also available. Please take a moment to review the latest Market Week or  Newsletteravailable....  This month featuring - Digital Deception: Current Trends in Cybercrime and How Much Should You Save For Retirement? Also, check out the video on: Retirement Confidence,  Social Security: When Should You Start Receiving Retirement Benefits.  Will you "Invest" 10 minutes to discuss your retirement income? Call us and talk to one of our partners... Call (800) 737-8151   # - Fixed products may provide some guarantees of both principal and accumulated interest earnings.     * - Investment based accounts do not provide a guarantee of growth nor do they insure against losses.  As with any investment based accounts, past performance is no guarantee of future results.  PLEASE NOTE: The information being provided is strictly as a courtesy. When you link to any of the web sites provided here, you are leaving this web site. We make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of information provided at these web sites. Watch Hugo

(2,641)IMDb7.5126 min2011PGSubtitles and Closed CaptionsX-RaySet in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton. GenresDrama, KidsDirectorMartin ScorseseStarringAsa Butterfield, Jude Law, Chloe MoretzRentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Watch TrailerRent Buy RentRentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. Rent Rent BuyBuy Buy Redeem a gift card or promotion code More purchase

We Don’t Sell Saddles Here – Stewart Butterfield – Medium

The memo below was sent to the team at Tiny Speck, the makers ofSlack, onJuly 31st, 2013. It had been a little under seven months since development began and was two weeks before the launch of Slack’s ‘Preview Release’. It is presented verbatim, as written (including original pull-quotes), with two exceptions: the removal of an introductory section discussing launch logistics and replacement of a link which pointed to an internal company resource with the equivalent public link.Build Something People WantWe know that we have built something which is genuinely useful: almost any team which adopts Slack as their central application for communication would be significantly better off than they were before. That means we have something people want. However, almost all of them have no idea that they want Slack. How could they? They’ve never heard of it. And only a vanishingly small number will have imagined it on their own. They think they want something different (if they think they want anything at all). They definitely are not looking for Slack. (But then no-one was looking for Post-it notes or GUIs either.) Just as much as our job is to build something genuinely useful, something which really does make people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive, our job is also to understand what people think they want and then translate the value of Slack into their terms. A good part of that is “just marketing,” but even the best slogans, ads, landing pages, PR campaigns, etc., will fall down if they are not supported by the experience people have when they hit our site, when they sign up for an account, when they first begin using the product and when they start using it day in, day out. Therefore, “understanding what people think they want and then translating the value of Slack into their terms”is something we all work on.It is the sum of the exercise of all our crafts. We do it with copy accompanying signup forms, with fast-loading pages, with good welcome emails, with comprehensive and accurate search, with purposeful loading screens, and with thoughtfully implemented and well-functioning features of all kinds. “Marketing from Both Ends”Much has been written about “product-market fit” in the last few years, probably as a result of the popularity of the lean startup movement (though the idea has been around much longer). The term refers to the degree to which a productcouldbe successful, given sufficient promotion, appropriate pricing, adequate customer support and so on (before you find that fit, all the pushing in the world won’t get you up the hill). In thisclassic poston Marc Andreessen’s old blog, he calls getting to product-market fit the “only thing that matters” for startups and offers a way of thinking about the life of the startup that divides it into two distinct phases: before product-market fit and after. Once the product fits the market, a company is able to step on the gas, spending to promote a product that will actually sell. The things you need to do before are very different from the things you need to do after (generally test & iterate vs scale & optimize). We are right in the middle of that first phase. It seems we are doing well and there are many encouraging signs, but we’re definitely still in the first phase and it is very, very hard to tell how far we have to go to cross over into the promised land (the last 10% is 90% of the work, etc.) So, we should be working carefully fromboththe product end and the market end: Doing a better and better job of providing what people want (whether they know it or not)Communicating the above more and more effectively (so that they know they want it)In the best case, there is a dialectic at play here: the product itself and the way people use it should suggest new ways of articulating the value — and refinements to how we communicate the value should lead to principles which clarify decision-making around product features and design. Our position is different than the one many new companies find themselves in: we are not battling it out in a large, well-defined market with clear incumbents (which is why we can’t get away with “Other group chat products are poisonous. Slack is toasted.”). Despite the fact that there are a handful of direct competitors and a muddled history of superficially similar tools, we are setting out to define a new market. And that means we can’t limit ourselves to tweaking the product; we need to tweak the market too.

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