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I Think I Fell Off The Planet… AGAIN!Wow! Simply Wow!  I think I fell off the plant. Or at least slipped out of the bloggersphere like I was slipping on….. Yep, I’m still here and the first thing I made you think of after this long is poop!  I wanted to do that just so you’d know that it really was still me. Just me with a kid who’s a little older and a mom who’s a lot older! Because you know we age faster then our children! Of course so many things have happened and changed over the last while since the last time I graced this blog with my ever flowing words of nonsense and wisdom! Yes, I said wisdom! Stop laughing! Too many things to try to relay to you in detail so bullet points seem to be the best option. Let us begin! EJ had a birthdayI had two birthdaysEJ had another birthdayI had two more birthdaysEJ is now in pre-school!!!!!!!!!!And I still have zero free time…. Go figure!We FINALLY sold our house!!!! YAY!!We bought a new house which is still covered in unpacked boxes. YAY!!  What? We’ve only been here almost 5 months now! And besides, cardboard is in fashion…. Isn’t it?

How To Make Phulka (Roti/Chapati) At Home | step by step

How To Make Phulka (Roti/Chapati) At Home | step by step

Hi there, In last post I discussed my little knowledge about homemade fresh flour. Here, I’ve tried my best to cover everything about ‘How to make roti/chapati’ at home with tips.

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Catskill Hiker: Catskill Trails

Catskill Hiker: Catskill Trails

Catskill TrailsBesides the thirty-five 3500 foot peaks in the Catskills, there are many other smaller mountains to climb. Inaddition, there are hundreds of miles of trails to hike. There are also MANY other places to hike also. I have divided theTrails section into list of All Trail, the Catskills, the Shawangunks, Bear Mt/Harriman, East Hudson, West Hudson, New Jersey and Other Trails. The All Trails list includes over 400 different trails and may load slowly on your computer. The "divided" list should load more quickly.You can view all the Catskill Trails here. Clicking on will bring up an index of trails. Clicking on will return you to the top of the page.Pick an Area:--Choose--All TrailsBear Mt/HarrimanCatskillsEast HudsonFinger Lakes TrailFire TowersLong PathNew JerseyOtherShawangunksWest Hudson



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