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top rural banks in the philippines 2017

Release time:2018-03-24
Top Banks in the Philippines -

Here are the Customer Care Hotlines, Websites, Swift Codes and Routing Nos. (also called Paypal Codes) of top banks in the Philippines, arranged as follows: - Name of bank - Customer Hotline - Other Telephone Numbers - Website URL - Swift Code  -- used for telegraphic or wire transfers                        -- identifies bank, country, and region (if 8 digits)                        -- also identifies city/town of branch (if 11 digits) - Routing No. -- used for cheques (identifies bank and branch)                        -- consists of 9 digits                        -- also called Routing Transit No.                        -- seen on cheques as R/T No.                        -- also called BRSTN                               (stands for Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number)                        -- also called Paypal Code (used to link the bank                            to Paypal)                        -- also used by Upwork, formerly Odesk, for paying                            their workers                            (Local Funds Transfer by Upwork's partner bank                             in the Philippines) Banco de Oro Unibank Inc. BDO Hotline: 631-8000 Trunkline: 840-7000 Email: Swift Code: BNORPHMM Routing No.: 010530667 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. METROBANK   Hotline: 8700-700 Metrophone Banking MM: 5-8000 Email: Swift Code: MBTCPHMM Routing No.: 010269996 Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI Hotline: 89-100 Swift Code: BOPIPHMM Routing No.: 010040018 Land Bank of the Philippines LANDBANK Hotline: 405-7000 Swift Code: TLBPPHMM Routing No.: 010350025 Philippine National Bank PNB Hotline: 573-8888 Email: Swift Code: PNBMPHMM Routing No.: 010080010 Development Bank of the Philippines DBP Trunk Line: 818-9511 to 20,  818-9611 to 20 Email: Swift Code: DBPHPHMM Routing No.: 010590018 Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. RCBC Hotline: 877-7222 Trunkline: 894-9000; 894-9995 Email: Swift Code: RCBCPHMM Routing No.: 010280014 Union Bank of the Philippines UNIONBANK Hotline: 841-8600 Trunkline: 667-6388 Swift Code: UBPHPHMM Routing No.: 010419995 China Banking Corp. CHINABANK Trunkline: 885-5555ATM Center: 885-5425 and 885-5424 Swift Code: CHBKPHMM Routing No.: 010100013 Citibank NA CITIBANK Hotline:  894-7700 Swift Code:  CITIPHM Routing No.:  010070017 Security Bank Corp. SECURITY BANK Trunkline: 867-6788, 888-7065 Swift Code:  SETCPHMM Routing No.: 010140015 United Coconut Planters Bank UCBP Hotline: 811-9000 ATM hotline: 811-9292 Email: Swift Code:  UCPBPHMM Routing No.:  010299995 Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp. HSBC Hotline:  85-800,  976-8000 Swift Code: HSBCPHMM Routing No.:  010060014 Bank of Commerce BANCOM Trunkline: 982-6000 ATM Hotline:  214-8899 Swift Code:  PABIPHMM Routing No.:  010440016 Philippine Trust Co. PHILTRUST Trunkline: 524-9061 to 76 Email: Swift Code:  PHTBPHMM Routing No.: 010090039 East West Banking Corp. EASTWEST Hotline: 888-1700 Trunkline: 575-3888 and 870-3500 Email: Swift Code:  EWBCPHMM Routing No.:  010620014 Standard Chartered Bank STANDARD CHARTERED Hotline: 886-7888,  878-2855 Makati: 878-2231 Swift Code:  SCBLPHMM Routing No.:  010050011 Philippine Veterans Bank VETERANS BANK Hotline: 902-1600,  902-1700,  857-3800 Swift Code:  PHVBPHM Routing No.:  010330016 Asia United Bank Corp. Hotline:  636-6888,  910-1725 to 35 Swift Code:  AUBKPHMM Routing No.:  011020011 Internationale Nederlanden Groep BK ING BankHotline:  840-8888, 840-8881,  479-8888,  479-8881,  479-8888 www.ingcommercialbanking.comSwift Code:  INGBPHMM Routing No.:  010660016 ANZ Banking Group Ltd. ANZ Hotline: 841-7777 Swift Code:  ANZBPHM Routing No.:  010700015 JP Morgan Chase Bank NA CHASE Hotline:    885-7700,  878-1101 Swift Code:  CHASPHMM Routing No.:  010720011 Deutsche Bank AGHotline: 894-6888,  894-6900 Swift Code:  DEUTPHMM Routing No.:  010650013 Philippine Bank of Communications PBCOM Customer Hotline: 75-PBCOM Trunkline: 830-7000  Email: Swift Code:  CPHIPHMM Routing No.:  010110016 Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. Manila Branch MIZUHOHotline:   860-3500 Swift Code: MHCBPHMM MayBank Philippines Inc. MAYBANK Hotline: 521-7888 Email: SMS: 0917-MAYBANK Swift Code:  MBBEPHMM Routing No.:  010220016 The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. BANK of TOKYO Hotline: 886-7371 Swift Code:  BOTKPHMM Paypal Code:  010460012 ChinaTrust (Phils) CBC CHINATRUST Hotline: 840-1234,  811-8503 Swift Code:  CTCBPHMM Routing No.:  010690015 BDO Private Bank Inc.Hotline:  848-6301,  848-6302,  848-6304,  848-6267 Email: Routing No.:  BOPBPHMM Bank of America NA Manila Branch BofA Hotline:  815-5600 Routing No.:  BOFAPH2 Bank of China Ltd. Manila Branch Hotline:  885-0111 Swift Code:  BKCHPHMM Routing No.:  011140014 Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.Hotline: 811-5807 to 14 loc. 10,  818-5807 to 13 Routing No.: ICBCPHMM Korea Exchange BankHotline:  848-1988,  848-1775,  814-2178 Email: Swift Code:  KOEXPHMM Routing No.:  010710018 Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd.Hotline:  752-0333 Email: Swift Code:  BKKBPHMM Routing No.:  010670019 Robinsons Bank Corp. ROBINSONSBANKHotline:  637-2273,  702-9500 local 800 Non-Swift BIC Code: RBNVPHM1 Al-Amanah Islamic Bank of the PhilippinesHotline:  893-4350, 818-9511 local 3407 & 3408 Non-Swift BIC Code:  ALAMPHM1 Related Posts:



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BDO Remittance Offices and Partners in Saudi Arabia ~

Updated September 26, 2017: You can send money to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia at the offices of BDO Remit offices and BDO remittance partners in Saudi Arabia.

Complete list of Paypal Bank Codes in the Philippines –

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B?/span<nin (Donne閟de 2010, fran鏰is,publi?/span<avril 2012)   Bolivia (2013data, English, released December 2015) Bolivia (Datosde 2013, Castellano, publicado en diciembre de 2015) Bolivia (2007data, English, released December 2009) Bolivia (Datosde 2007, Castellano, publicado en diciembre de 2009) Bolivia (2002data, English, released March 2007)   Brazil (2008data, English, released March 2010) Brasil (dadosde 2008, Portugu阺, lan鏰do em mar鏾 de 2010)   Burkina Faso (2014data, English, released March 2017) Burkina Faso (Donne閟de 2014, fran鏰is,publi?/span<mars 2017) Burkĩna Faso (yʋʋmd2014 baosem, M鮫re), sebr?yɩɩsa mɛ kiuug, 2017 yʋʋmde) Burkina Faso (san2014 kaɲininiw,Julakan, sɛbɛn ningansina zuwɛnkalosan 2017 kɔnɔ) Burkina Faso (2003data, English, released May 2011) Burkina Faso (Donne閟de 2003, fran鏰is,publi?/span<mai 2011)   Burundi (2013/14data, English, released November 2017) Burundi (Donne閟de 2013/14, fran鏰is,publi?/span<novembre 2017) Burundi (Amakuruyo mu mwaka wa 2013/14 mu Kirundi,yatangajwe mu kwezikwa Munyonyo 2017) Burundi (Dataya 2013/14, Kiswahili, iliyotolewa Novemba 2017)   Cambodia (2011data, English, released February 2015) Cambodia (2004data, English, released December 2009)   Cameroon (2014data, English, released October 2016) Cameroun (Donne閟de 2014, fran鏰is,publi?/span<octubre 2016) Cameroon (2007data, English, released August 2013) Cameroun (Donne閟de 2007, fran鏰is,publi?/span<ao鹴 2013)   Chad (2011data, English, released January 2018) Tchad (Donne閟de 2011, fran鏰is,publi?/span<janvier 2018)   Colombia (2009data, English, released November 2012) Colombia (Datosde 2009, Castellano, publicado en noviembre de 2012)   Congo (DRC) (2012data, English, released February 2018) Congo (RDC) (Donne閟de 2012, fran鏰is,publi?/span<f関rier 2018)   C魌e d’Ivoire (2015data, English, released March 2018) C魌e d’Ivoire (Donne閟de 2015, fran鏰is,publi?/span<mars 2018) C魌e d’Ivoire(san2015 kaɲininiw,Julakan, sɛbɛn ningansina zuwɛnkalosan 2018 kɔnɔ) C魌e d’Ivoire (2008data, English, released July 2013) C魌e d’Ivoire (Donne閟de 2008, fran鏰is,publi?/span<juillet 2013)   Dominican Republic (2007data, English, released November 2010) Rep鷅licaDominicana (Datosde 2007, Castellano, publicado en noviembre de 2010)   Ecuador (2013/14data, English, released November 2015) Ecuador (Datosde 2013/14, Castellano, publicado en noviembre de 2015) Ecuador (2005/6data, English, released December 2008) Ecuador (Datosde 2005/6, Castellano, publicado en diciembre de 2008)   Egypt (2004/5data, English, released April 2010)   El Salvador (2014data, English, released March 2017) El Salvador (2014data, Castellano, publicado en marzo de 2017) El Salvador (2008data, English, released May 2010) El Salvador (Datosde 2008, Castellano, publicado en mayo de 2010)   Ethiopia (2010data, English, released October 2016) Itoophiyaa (ragaa2010 (A.L.A.), Afaan Oromoo, Onkoloolessa 2016 (A.L.A.) ba’e) ኢትዮጵያ (ዳታ 2010ብኣቆጻጽራ ፈረንጂ። ትግርኛ። ኣብ ጥቅምቲ 2016 ብኣቆጻጽራ ፈረንጂ ዝወጸ) ኢትዮጵያ (የ2010(እ. ኤ. አ.) መረጃ፤ አማርኛ፤ በጥቅምት 2016 (እ. ኤ. አ.) መረጃው ይፋ ተደረገ) Ethiopia (2004data, English, released April 2009)   Fiji (2008/9data, English, released June 2014)   Gabon (2005data, English, released July 2017) Gabon (donn閑sde 2005, fran鏰is,publi?/span<ao鹴 2017)   Ghana (2012data, English, released March 2015) Ghana (2005data, English, released March 2010)   Guatemala (2014data, English, released November 2016) Guatemala (Datosde 2014, Castellano, publicado en noviembre de 2010) Guatemala (2006data, English, released May 2010) Guatemala (Datosde 2006, Castellano, publicado en mayo de 2010)   Haiti (2012data, English, released September 2016) Ayiti (done 2012, Krey騦, pibliye an septanm 2016) Ha?/span<ti (donn閑sde 2012, fran鏰is,publi?/span<septembre 2016) Haiti (2001data, English, released October 2006)   Honduras (2007data, English, released May 2010) Honduras (Datosde 2007, Castellano, publicado en mayo de 2010)   India (2011/12data, English, released May 2016) India (2009/10data, English, released May 2012) India (2005/6data, English, released July 2008) India (2003data, English, released January 2007)   Indonesia (2010data, English, released December 2012) Indonesia (2007data, English, released April 2009)   Jordan (2006data, English, released October 2010)   Kenya (2005/6data, English, released March 2011) Kenya (1997data, English, released August 2008)   Kyrgyz Republic (2012data, English, released March 2011) КыргызскаяРеспублика(2012данные, русский, выпущенный февраль 2015)   Madagascar (2010data, English, released February 2015) Madagascar (Donne閟de 2010, fran鏰is,publi?/span<le 13 f関rier 2016) Madagasikara (Angonataona 2010, amin'ny teny Malagasy, navoaka ho fanta-bahoaka ny volana martsataona 2017)   Malawi (2010/11data, English, released August 2015) Malawi (2004/5data, English, released February 2011)   Mali (2001data, English, 2005 PPP poverty lines, released January 2010) Mali (2001data, English, 1993 PPP poverty lines, released July 2008) Mali (donne閟de 2001, fran鏰is,seuils de pauvret?de 1993 PPA,publi?/span<septembre 2008)   Mexico (2014data, English, released June 2017) M閤ico (Datosde 2014, Castellano, publicado en junio de 2017) Mexico (2008data, English, released August 2009) M閤ico (Datosde 2008, Castellano, publicado en agosto de 2009) Mexico (2006data, English, released July 2009) M閤ico (Datosde 2006, Castellano, publicado en julio de 2009) Mexico (2002data, English, released November 2006) M閤ico (Datosde 2002, Castellano, publicado en febrero de 2006)   Mongolia (2014data, English, released June 2016) Монгол улс (2014оны дата, Монгол хэл дээр, 2016 оны 6 сард нийтлэв)  Morocco (2007data, English, released July 2013) Maroc (Donne閟de 2007, fran鏰is,publi?/span<juillet 2013) Morocco (1998data, English, released July 2013)   Mozambique (2014/15data, English, released September 2017) Mo鏰mbique (dadosde 2014/15, Portugu阺, lan鏰do em setembro de 2017) Mosambique (mihupisa 2014/15, Emakhuwa, soniheriwe mwri wa outubro mwakha wa 2017) Musambiki (pyombopya 2014/15, Cisena, pya ikhwa pakweca m'mwezi wa Malandalupya wa 2017) Musambiki (tinlhayota 2014/15, Xichangana, ti wuweleriweke hi Novemba wa 2017) Mozambique (2008data, English, released July 2013) Mo鏰mbique (dadosde 2008, Portugu阺, lan鏰do em julho de 2013)   Myanmar (2009/10data, English, released July 2012) Myanmar (009/10data myarr, 2012 hkunhaitjuulinelponenhaiut htoteway)   Namibia (2009/10data, English, released July 2013)   Nepal (2010data, English, released August 2013) Nepal (2003data, English, released February 2009)   Nicaragua (2009data, English, released January 2013) Nicaragua (Datosde 2009, Castellano, publicado en enero de 2013) Nicaragua (2005data, English, released June 2010) Nicaragua (Datosde 2005, Castellano, publicado en junio de 2010)   Niger (2007data, English, released September 2013) Niger (Donne閟de 2007, fran鏰is,publi?/span<septembre 2013)   Nigeria (2012data, English, released June 2015) Nigeria (2003data, English, released October 2008)   Pakistan (2005/6data,English, released September 2009) Pakistan (2001data,English, released November 2006)   Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) (2011data,English, released June 2014)Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) (2007data,English, released July 2010)Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) (2005data,English, released September 2008)   Paraguay (2011data, English, released December 2012) Paraguay (Datosde 2011, Castellano, publicado en diciembre de 2012)   Peru (2010data, English, released December 2012) El Per?/span< (Datosde 2010, Castellano, publicado en diciembre de 2010) Peru (2007data, English, released March 2009) El Per?/span< (Datosde 2007, Castellano, publicado en marzo de 2009) Peru (2003data, English, released May 2008) El Per?/span< (Datosde 2003, Castellano, publicado en mayo de 2008)   Philippines (2009data, English, released June 2014) Philippines (2004data, English, released February 2013) Philippines (2002data, English, released April 2008) Romania (2007data, English, released September 2009) Russia (2007data, English, released March 2010) Россия(2007данные, русский, выпущенныймарт 2010)   Rwanda (2010/11data, English, released April 2016) Rwanda (2010/11amakurushingiro, Kinyarwanda, gutangazwa Mata 2016) Rwanda (2005/6data, English, released November 2010) Rwanda (Donne閟de 2005/6, fran鏰is,publi?/span<novembre 2010)   Senegal (2011data, English, released May 2017) S閚間al (Donn閑sde 2011, fran鏰is,publi?/span<mai 2017) Senegaal (Xibaaru2011, Wolof,bind na nu ko ci juillet 2017) Senegal (2005/6data, English, released September 2009) S閚間al (Donne閟de 2005/6, fran鏰is,publi?/span<septembre 2009)   Sierra Leone (2003/4data, English, released March 2011)   South Africa (2014/15data, English, released October 2017) UMzantsi Afrika (Iinkcukachazika 2014/15, Xhosa, zikhutshwe ngo-October 2017) INingizimu Afrika (Idathaye-2014/15, isiZulu, ikhishwe ngo-Okthoba 2017) Afrika Borwa (Boitsebišobja 2014/15, Sepedi, e lokollotšwe ka Oktobere 2017) Afrika-Dzonga (Switiviwaswa 2014/15, Xitsonga, swi humesiwile hi Nhlangula 2017) South Africa (2005/6data, English, released April 2009)   Sri Lanka (2012/13data, English, released November 2016) ශ්‍රී ලංකාව (සිංහල,2012/13 දත්ත, 2016, ඔක්තෝබර් දී පිටකරන ලදී) இலங்கை (2012/13தரவுகள், தமிழ், 2016 நவம்பரில் வெளியிடப்பட்டது) Sri Lanka (2006/7data, English, released July 2010)   Syria (2006/7data, English, released June 2010)   Tajikistan (2007data, English, released April 2015)   Tanzania (2011data, English, released July 2016) Tanzania (2011data, Kiswahili, iliyotolewa Julai 2016) Tanzania (2007data, English, released December 2013)   Timor-Leste (2007data, English, released December 2013) Timur-Leste (2007dadus, Tetun, lansa fulan Dezembru tinan 2013)   Togo (2015data, English, released December 2017) Togo (Donne閟de 2015, fran鏰is,publi?/span<d閏embre 2017)   Uganda (2012data, English, released June 2015) Uganda (2009data, English, released September 2011)   Vietnam (2006data, English, released March 2009) Vietnam (2004data, English, released August 2008)   Yemen (2005/6data, English, released May 2009)   Zambia (2015data, English, released August 2017) Zambia (2015amashiwi, Cibemba, iyafumine mu August 2017) Zambia (2015mfundo, Chinyanja, zotulutsidwa mu Sepitembala 2017) Zambia (2010data, English, released March 2013)     Credit Scoring for SMEs (Top)Cross-Tab Weighting for Retail andSmall-Business Scorecards in Developing Markets  (byDean Caire, Feb. 2013) [Paper]   Credit Scorecards for SME Finance:The Process of Improving Risk Measurement and Management? 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